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Laser Treatments

Hair Removal

Getting rid of unwanted hair on the body is a common problem. Laser hair removal offers results that cannot be achieved with conventional shaving or waxing.

The laser works by targeting the hair in the follicle, below the skin’s surface. This is a no downtime for the procedure. The number of sessions will vary for everyone. Lighter colored hair may require more treatments than darker colored hair. After each session you will see substantial visible hair reduction. Additionally, hair will grow progressively slower, lighter, and finer with each treatment.

We offer packages of 6 sessions classified in small (sideburns, hands, neck, lips, chin, areola and belly line), medium (face, chest, abdomen, bikini line, buttocks, half arm, underarms, half legs, half back) and large areas (full legs. Brazilian, full arms, full back).

Spider Vein Treatment

Having spider or varicose veins can affect more than your appearance. These veins can cause serious discomfort. Some varicose veins put you at risk for a complication like a blood clot or open sores on your legs.

Minimally invasive treatment can get rid of or fade leg veins. Treatment can also diminish symptoms like pain and fatigue and prevent complications. Varicose and spider veins are damaged veins. We develop them when tiny, one-way valves inside the veins weaken. In healthy veins, these valves push blood in one direction—back to our heart. When these valves weaken, some blood flows backward and accumulates in the vein. Extra blood in the vein puts pressure on the walls of the vein. With continual pressure, the vein walls weaken and bulge. In time, we see a varicose or spider vein.

Some people have a higher risk of developing these veins. If blood relatives have them, you have a higher risk. Many people get them because they sit or stand for long periods most days of the week. These veins also become more common with age and during pregnancy. Spider veins can also be caused by sunlight, hormonal changes, or an injury.

Skin Tightening

Skin tightening is a procedure by which you can have firmer, smoother skin on the face, chest neck arms, stomach and other areas such as scars. By using the deep, penetrating, and safe wavelengths of light from the Candela Laser, your skin can begin to see improvement after two to three treatments.

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