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Basic Lash Services

False Lash Application

15 minutes
Includes lashes and the application of the lash set.

False Lash Cluster Application

20 minutes.
Eyelash extension service by strategically applying clusters of lashes for a natural look.

Lash Tint

25 minutes.
Eyelash tinting service that darkens the natural lashes.

Lash Removal

25 minutes.
Lash removal service that safely removes false lashes from the natural hair.

CurlPerfect Lash Lift & Tint

1 hour.
Eyelash perming service that curls and tints the natural lashes. Lasts up to 8 weeks.

Natural Silk Lashes

Call for more information.

Lash Extensions

This is our signature lash application, where we attach one lash extension to your natural eyelash. It's great for a vibrant but natural look.

We Offer:

  • Classic Extensions
  • Dramatic Extensions
  • Extreme Extensions

Hybrid Lash Extensions

This is our fusion application, where we beautifully combine classic and volume lashes across your lash line. It's the perfect mix of fullness and texture!

We Offer:

  • Classic Extensions
  • Dramatic Extensions
  • Extreme Extensions

Volume Lash Extensions

This is our top-shelf application, where we attach a handmade fan of 2 or more of our lightest extensions to your natural eyelash. It's fantastic for a full, luscious look.

We Offer:

  • Classic Extensions
  • Dramatic Extensions
  • Extreme Extensions

Mink Lashes

We Offer:

  • Classic Lashes
  • Dramatic Lashes
  • Extreme Lashes

Lash Refills

Did you know the average person sheds six eyelashes per day? To keep your lashes beautiful and fresh, we recommend coming in for refills every two weeks.

We Offer:

  • Classic Refill
  • Hybrid Refill
  • Volume Refill
  • Mink Refill
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Permanent Makeup

Permanent and Semi-Permanent makeup application.


A semi-permanent technique manually depositing pigment under the top layer of skin by a special hand tool to mimic real, hair-like strokes and add volume and texture to your eyebrows to help create the perfect, natural shape.

Ombre Brows

Powder ombre gives a light to dark ombre, lighter at the bulb (front) or the brow, growing darker towards the tail. Powder ombre gives a softer powdered makeup look that's still natural looking. The technique is performed with the assistance of a master machine and provides a soft appearance that is both natural and long-lasting. These brow types typically last 1-2 years!

Micro Ombre Brows

Microblading and Powder Ombre shading combined to create a natural yet defined look.

Lip Blush Shading

We will help redefine the shape of your lips, correcting imperfections in symmetry or shape. We can even redesign the outline of the lips in order to create a more desirable look. 40 days after the procedure, touch-ups are performed, leaving with you full, gorgeous lips.


Classic Facial

1 hour

Includes cleaning, extractions, a mask, and facial massage.

Dermaplaning Facial

1 hour

Includes microdermabrasion, lactic acid peel, extractions, LED mask, collagen mask, and CO2 therapy to minimize the pore size (with antiseptic).

Hydroxy 38 Treatment

1 hour

It's a great facial treatment right before a special event to hydrate and rejuvenate the skin.

It features an excellent combination of Alpha & Beta Hydroxyacids that help with whitening the skin, facilitating and accelerating cellular renovation, stimulating the formation of collagen and elastin - making the skin look stronger and younger. It also contains a smoothing, emollient and protector agent that hydrates and regenerates the skin, allowing a decrease of the possible irritation taking place by the acids when avoiding the desiccation and balancing the cutaneous hydro-lipid film. It contains 33,78% of Alpha Hydroxyacids and 4% of blocked Beta Hydroxyacids- preventing any kind of activation of the acid power when removing the product with water or any other watery product.

It is a microneedling system that infuses different serums and acids, such as hyaluronic acid, into the skin to increase collagen, promote flawless skin, and add a healthy glow. It includes the Dermaplaning, Microdermabrasion, light extractions, Aquagold treatment with customized serums, and a Hydroplastic peel-off mask.

Microdermabrasion Facial

45 minutes

The Microdermabrasion facial is a basic facial. It's ideal for kids and teenagers, but everyone can get it as well.

It includes a steamer, extractions, basic Microdermabrasion, and a mask.


45 minutes

12 microneedles that help the skin to repair itself, build collagen, elastin and minimize acne scars. Includes a calming mask.

Chemical Peel

15 minutes

Call for more information.

Vampire Facial

"Vampire facials" are trendy skincare treatments that involve drawing blood from a client's body, placing it in a centrifuge, then reapplying it to the face to promote cell renewal. The treatment includes face cleansing, microdermabrasion, and plasma procedure.

Avoid corticosteroid medications for 2 to 3 weeks prior to the procedure. Stop taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as aspirin or ibuprofen, or arthritis medications such as Celebrex, a week prior to the procedure. Do not take anticoagulation medication for five days before the procedure.

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Monthly Membership

This Plan keeps your lashes looking super lush throughout the month with 2 Classic refills per month. Come in every couple of weeks to maintain that incredible look you love! When you are a member, enjoy 10% off all products and services, including Volume Upgrades!

Membership Policies:

-Memberships include two refills/month of our Classic Eyelash Extensions. Members are permitted to upgrade to our Hybrid or Volume application for an additional fee – paid at the time of service.

-Membership fees and credits do not apply to any other services. However, members do receive a 10% discount on any other selected services – with fees paid at the time of service.

-Membership credits, if accrued, can be used for the application of another full set of Classic Lashes; however, members are encouraged to use their refills as designed in order to maintain the appearance and health of their lashes.

-Members may cancel their membership and carry over credit for 60-days. All membership prices pertain to first-time members only.

Late Policy

Arriving on time is VERY IMPORTANT. Your appointment time has been made specifically for YOU. If you are late, your appointment time will be shortened in order to be finished in time for our next guest. It is not fair for them to have to wait because you are late. Depending on how late you are, we will determine if the session can be started or completed. Please call if you are going to be late. You will be charged for the full session regardless of your application time.

Cancellation Policy

A 24-hour advance notice is required if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment.

We understand that life happens, but please always let us know about a cancellation. The time allotted for your appointment is specifically for YOU. If you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment, your card on file will be charged 50% of the service you scheduled.

If you do not call and cancel/reschedule at all, it is considered a "No Show," and you will be charged 75% of the service you scheduled. You cannot reschedule until paid in full beforehand.

Gift Certificates& Packages

Annual Glam Package


  • 3 Dermaplaning Treatments
  • 3 Dermapen Extractions
  • 3 Microdermabrasion Treatments
  • 1 Hydroxy 38 Treatment

Semi-Permanent Individual Lash Extensions Training

This one-day course is designed for complete beginners or beauty therapists who wish to expand and add this treatment to their existing services. This is an entry-level course. No prior beauty qualifications are required.

Group sessions will hold a maximum of 4 people.

This course has been tailored to provide you with the thorough knowledge, skills, and practice required to start your lash journey with confidence.

You will receive ongoing support and mentoring post-training.

Application of eyelash extensions requires skill and attention to detail, as it is an intricate service. Therefore, the course structure is specifically designed to allow for adequate time to not only learn theory, but also the practical knowledge required to become an amazing eyelash technician.

Your theory work will be completed prior to the training day using our practical work on the day.

This course includes a clear and detailed manual that provides a step-by-step guide that you may use for future reference.

A full starter kit is included in this course.

Models will not be required as you will be working on fellow students in the class. There is a $100 deposit which is non-refundable. Should you wish to change the date of your course, an admin fee of $100 may be applied.

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